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Realty Foreclosures in Prince George

Shannon Horrigan – Your Suitably Skilled Real Estate Agent
Navigating the complex system of purchasing a bank sale or a property foreclosure requires a realtor educated and experienced in the numerous challenges associated with these unique and profitable opportunities. With extensive experience in home design and resale, Shannon Horrigan is quite familiar (and very comfortable) with realty foreclosures in Prince George.

Shannon’s vast experience enables her to recognise all the potential pitfalls. From structural issues and potential renovation costs, to the level of competitiveness interest in the property, you are assured to be well informed of all the nuances of the properties you are interested in seeing or making an offer on.

For realty foreclosures in Prince George, trust Shannon Horrigan to steer you in a profitable direction.

What is a Foreclosure?

A foreclosure is when a property is repossessed by a lender or bank due to the owner or borrower failing to make payments. These houses may require work and permits to finish the house or they are in an unlivable condition requiring much repair.

A unique investment opportunity

Foreclosures offer a unique investment opportunity. It is important to note that in a foreclosure situation the banks have no obligation to disclose any issues with the property. They are also not responsible for the house’s condition or required repairs. Working with a buyer’s agent who is experienced in foreclosures is key to navigating this purchase.

Costs & Considerations

Factor in the costs of the repairs, upgrades, labour, and the time it will take before the property can be sold or rented. Consider that you will also be paying for mortgage, property tax, insurance, and utilities while the house is in repair.

Once you are pre-qualified by a mortgage company, Shannon Horrigan will guide you through this process and help you with the research needed to purchase a property. Shannon is happy to recommend reputable and trusted mortgage companies.

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