Shannon Horrigan


For Shannon Horrigan, the appeal of being a real estate agent has been a life-long dream; it even says so in her high school graduation yearbook!

Attention to details and customer service are Shannon’s primary concerns. When you first meet her, you’ll note that it’s not about ‘the sale’. In fact, she hates sales. For Shannon, it’s about relationships; keeping it real and building relationships is the most important aspect of her job. Taking the time to get to know you and genuinely understand what’s most important to you.

Shannon’s academic and business backgrounds play an important role in her career as a real estate agent. Math and numbers came easily to Shannon along with her outstanding people skills and desire to provide service over and above what is expected. Shannon’s varied work experience from grocery cashier, server, convention coordinator, dental assistant, dental office manager, owning a successful business, Shhhh Home & Gift and house renovations, combine that with her love for home design and her passion for helping people, and you have a real estate agent you can rely on to help you find the perfect property.

If you’re looking to buy or sell Prince George real estate, contact Shannon Horrigan; It’s comforting to know that you’ve got a trusted friend working for you.